Chair of International Trade and Trade Policy

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Main Areas of Research

International Economics, Industrial Organization, Open-economy Macroeconomics

Current Research Projects


  • "Strategic Privatization in Developing Countries" (with Kjetil Bjorvatn), Review of Development Economics, 15 (3), 2011, 522-534.
  • "Tax Competition for Heterogeneous Firms with Endogenous Entry" with Ronald B. Davies), American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2(1), 2010, 77-102.
  • "Multi-Product Firms and Flexible Manufacturing in the Global Economy" (with J. Peter Neary), Review of Economic Studies, 77 (1), 2010, 188-217.
  • "International Trade, Flexible Manufacturing and Outsourcing", Canadian Journal of Economics, 42 (4), 2009, 1449-1472.
  • "Endogenous Sunk Costs, Flexible Manufacturing, and the Productivity Effects of International Trade", Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 111 (2), 2009, 369-386.
  • "Wage Bargaining and Multinational Firms" (with Hartmut Egger), Journal of International Economics, 77 (2), 2009, 206-214.
  • "Globalization and Specialization", Journal of International Economics, 75 (1), 2008, 219-228.
  • Außenhandel und Technologie, Endogene Sunk Costs im allgemeinen Gleichgewicht, Wiesbaden: DUV, 2007
  • "Policy competition for foreign direct investment between asymmetric countries" (with Kjetil Bjorvatn), European Economic Review, 50 (7), 2006, 1891-1907.
  • "Trade and Diversity: Is There a Case for Cultural Protectionism?", German Economic Review, 7 (4), 2006, 403-418.
  • "Technology Sourcing and Strategic Foreign Direct Investment" (with Kjetil Bjorvatn), Review of International Economics, 14 (4), 2006, 600-614.

Working Papers

Information on my work is available at: RePEC.

Göttingen Workshop "International Economics"

The workshop aims at bringing together German speaking researchers in the area of international economics and promoting the exchange of ideas. Young researchers are especially encouraged to participate. The workshop takes place once a year in Göttingen.

Workshop home page:

Referee Services

Canadian Journal of Economics, Economic Inquiry, European Economic Review, Finanzarchiv/Public Finance Analysis, Homo Oeconomicus, International Economics and Economic Policy, Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik/Journal of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Journal of International Economics, Journal of International Trade & Economic Development, Journal of the European Economic Association, Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, Journal of Macroeconomics, Journal of Public Economics, Regional Science and Urban Economics, Review of Development Economics, Review of Economic Studies, Review of International Economics, Scandinavian Journal of Economics